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Started by two Brooklyn moms in 2020, LeSENT is a collection of effective natural remedies to nurture body and mind. 

The brand was created to provide advanced care in its most humble way. Our formulas are safe for daily use and designed to deliver utmost efficacy of what essential oils have to offer. We use ethically wildcrafted ingredients whenever possible, and our oil infusions are meticulously crafted in-house to maintain efficacy. Product made in Japan. 


Effective natural remedies to nurture body and mind.


For your hair, for your body and for your mind.


The right material of the right amount for the right place  - each essential oil recipe is formulated meticulously. Oils are blended at percentages to be effective without overpowering in order to effectively aid the purpose of each product.


Naturally derived amino acids work as a gentle surfactant to cleanse the hair, while a complex blend of essential oils encourages hair growth and a healthy balance of oil on the scalp, leaving hair both radiant and smooth. Free of silicone, artificial color and artificial fragrances. Never tested on animals. 


Our brand starts and ends with sustainability in mind. Beyond our bottles and packaging, we continuously improving to minimize waste and harm.


Naturally derived, scientifically balanced.  

Care as a whole. 

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